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Extraordinary may become ordinary someday


Somehow, whenever I sit down with someone and get to the topic of ghosts almost everyone has something to say. They either felt some kind of an appearance, or they dreamed of their dead grandma.

Personally I believe in spirits and ghost. I simply refuse to think that our souls, memories, feelings and emotions disappear with our physical body.  In fact, when you die your body ways 21 grams lighter. Some believe that the 21 grams is the weight of the soul that departs the physical body. True or not, the scientists can’t explain what causes those missing 21 grams.

Interestingly enough, how did they figure that out? Duncan MacDougall, a physicist living in the 20th Century in Massachusetts, has weight numerous dogs, cats, sheep and humans on their death bed.  In 1901 he decided to weigh 6 patients that were on their deathbed from tuberculosis in an old age home.  21 grams was the average result from the mass that disappeared from the bodies of the deceased.

Of course in the 21st century his research has been mostly disproven, saying that the sample size was to small, and that he couldn’t have found the precise moment of death.


While the human soul has weight, wouldn’t it be cool to weigh a ghost? Or see one? At the present time it is so easy to get access to almost anything. The Internet is full of ghost videos, ghost picture, and ghost hunters.


Yes you heard it correctly. Real life “ghost hunters” actually get money to run around abandoned and “haunted” buildings while screaming like little girls. And if they happened not to see or hear a ghost (if they ever manage to catch anything) than there is always a special effects team that could help with that.

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Forgetting these jokers. There are so many accounts of “paranormal” that there are actually successful studies that have been made. The field of parapsychology actually tries to tie paranormal accounts and either prove them or disprove them. Of course most of them end up being either a fraud or connected to a mental illness, while others cannot be explained by simple science.

For example, there were experiments done with monks in which case they were able to change their own body temperature within a state of trance or while meditating. (A technique known as Tummo where you learn how to get control over your body.) In a room of 40 degrees F, wet and freezing towels were put on the bodies of the monks and within a couple of hours the towels became dry from the body heat exhibited by the monks.

Do not even get me started on the stories about Ouija boards. There are so many warnings not to use those and so many first hand accounts of people being “haunted” after using them that there must be something up with that.

This one user has posted on a Forum on Reddit about her experience with Ouija boards. His original story started with him hearing and seeing things that weren’t there. Nothing big and floating in a pillow casing, but maybe just random shadows or even just hearing her own name at random.  Well here is her extract of the story.


TL;DR: His friend told him not to let her in, he didn’t listen…

More: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/1469yc/dont_let_her_in/

If you are reading this at night and a believer in the paranormal, good luck sleeping. I got goosebumps reading this.

The fact is that we know barely anything about this world. We can’t even scratch the surface of the mysteries of this world. These anomalies may simply be explained in a few years and we might finally figure out the secret to eternal youth. In any case kids, do not eat yellow snow and stay away from Ouija boards.

Source: Buddhist Monk Experiment: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/2002/04.18/09-tummo.html