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How does that water taste?


Today’s new trend is what we call “living in harmony with the earth”, having the sun shine in your face, promoting animal rights on the weekend while typing on your typewriter and caressing your beard. That’s right, I might have called you a hipster, or maybe that’s how the rest of the world envisions a group of certain people that are promoting eco-friendly products. So here it is, the new-old trend of today, living “in balance” with nature and your body.

Before you decide to stuff yourself full of chia seeds and quinoa, let’s admit that you have a good point and a great cause. Personally, I am not a fan of this tree-hugging idea but I have to admit the direction that we are heading with the general public is not that great. Did you know that using recycled paper for one days worth of the New York Times Sunday Edition would save approximately 75,000 trees? Or that Americans dump 16 tons of sewage into their waters, every minute? Have you ever made aware that a single quart of motor oil dumped on the ground or in the trash, can contaminate up to two million gallons of fresh water? And as anyone that ever went to school knows that water in finite and that all living beings on this planet need it to survive. Here we aren’t even talking about developing countries, but those that we consider to rule the world. If we want to actually leave something behind that is not an uninhabitable piece of carbon, we should start doing something, and doing that now.

So let’s talk about what those that are still consumerist, non-tree hugging, human beings like me, can do every day. First of all there is an array of amazing products all of us can use and contribute to the sustainability of the environment around us. Has anyone ever heard of AQUAQUICK 2000? Of course you haven’t, because the advertising world is more interested in long established, not so corporate responsible, companies. AQUAQUICK 2000 is an environmentally and user-friendly water based product that is being used for a dispersant, degreaser, surfactant, and fire extinguisher. And it is suitable to biodegrade and remove all vegetable, animal, mineral, and synthetic fats, oils, and greases. Its primary function today is industrial cleaning such as bio pond treatment, road & land spills, aviation fuel spills, soil treatment & washing, soil washing, swamp spills, and many, many more. This means that if you are a restaurant owner, you should rethink that scary looking chemical crap you are using and than touching our burgers, but buy some AQUAQUICK 2000, so you don’t close down and can go back to sleeping on your giant pile of money with a great conscious.

It’s secondary function is available to an average consumer. Meaning this thing can clean your house and be used as a fire extinguisher, while having no negative effect on the environment what so ever. It is so user friendly, that it is even currently being used to help animals that were hurt by oil spills. As a matter of fact, the special nutrients in AQUAQUICK 2000 stimulate and accelerate the growth of micro-organisms that are capable of full biodegradation of oil spills in environmental situations.

Second of all, all that trash you are making goes right back into the ocean. There is already less than 1% drinkable water available to human kind, it does not help that the United States of America produce trash the size of the Empire State building every day. I am not saying you have to go on a crazy recycle spree where you reuse your toilet paper, I am just saying you should maybe spent 5 minutes thinking if you can reuse the item you are about to trash. Maybe you can wash it and use it again, or maybe you sell or gift it to someone else.

People keep saying cliché things such as: “if everyone would follow these instructions we could save the world”. Well no, I only described two out of the giants island of problems that are surfacing more and more every day. But if we simply direct our attention and maybe use something friendlier than bleach, we should be ok. So let’s just concentrate with being ok.


Death to all on this planet

More frightening Environmental facts

AQUAQUICK 2000 – It will conquer them all


Extraordinary may become ordinary someday


Somehow, whenever I sit down with someone and get to the topic of ghosts almost everyone has something to say. They either felt some kind of an appearance, or they dreamed of their dead grandma.

Personally I believe in spirits and ghost. I simply refuse to think that our souls, memories, feelings and emotions disappear with our physical body.  In fact, when you die your body ways 21 grams lighter. Some believe that the 21 grams is the weight of the soul that departs the physical body. True or not, the scientists can’t explain what causes those missing 21 grams.

Interestingly enough, how did they figure that out? Duncan MacDougall, a physicist living in the 20th Century in Massachusetts, has weight numerous dogs, cats, sheep and humans on their death bed.  In 1901 he decided to weigh 6 patients that were on their deathbed from tuberculosis in an old age home.  21 grams was the average result from the mass that disappeared from the bodies of the deceased.

Of course in the 21st century his research has been mostly disproven, saying that the sample size was to small, and that he couldn’t have found the precise moment of death.


While the human soul has weight, wouldn’t it be cool to weigh a ghost? Or see one? At the present time it is so easy to get access to almost anything. The Internet is full of ghost videos, ghost picture, and ghost hunters.


Yes you heard it correctly. Real life “ghost hunters” actually get money to run around abandoned and “haunted” buildings while screaming like little girls. And if they happened not to see or hear a ghost (if they ever manage to catch anything) than there is always a special effects team that could help with that.

Image ImageImage

Forgetting these jokers. There are so many accounts of “paranormal” that there are actually successful studies that have been made. The field of parapsychology actually tries to tie paranormal accounts and either prove them or disprove them. Of course most of them end up being either a fraud or connected to a mental illness, while others cannot be explained by simple science.

For example, there were experiments done with monks in which case they were able to change their own body temperature within a state of trance or while meditating. (A technique known as Tummo where you learn how to get control over your body.) In a room of 40 degrees F, wet and freezing towels were put on the bodies of the monks and within a couple of hours the towels became dry from the body heat exhibited by the monks.

Do not even get me started on the stories about Ouija boards. There are so many warnings not to use those and so many first hand accounts of people being “haunted” after using them that there must be something up with that.

This one user has posted on a Forum on Reddit about her experience with Ouija boards. His original story started with him hearing and seeing things that weren’t there. Nothing big and floating in a pillow casing, but maybe just random shadows or even just hearing her own name at random.  Well here is her extract of the story.


TL;DR: His friend told him not to let her in, he didn’t listen…


If you are reading this at night and a believer in the paranormal, good luck sleeping. I got goosebumps reading this.

The fact is that we know barely anything about this world. We can’t even scratch the surface of the mysteries of this world. These anomalies may simply be explained in a few years and we might finally figure out the secret to eternal youth. In any case kids, do not eat yellow snow and stay away from Ouija boards.

Source: Buddhist Monk Experiment:

Should We Ban Internet Porn?


Before you shun me, hear me out. It’s Iceland’s fault.

Iceland wants to ban Internet Porn

As a matter of fact, Iceland is trying to do that.  Simply speaking that might be pretty impossible today if you can pretty much enter any porn site with a proxy.

The question is why would anybody want to ban Internet porn, it isn’t hurting anybody right? The reasoning behind this is that: “This move is not anti-sex. It is anti-violence because young children are seeing porn and acting it out,” said Gunnasdottir to CNN on February 15th.  This personally confuses me. How are children getting access to online pornography and how are they acting it out? And by children we do mean like 10 year old? Do they poke people with a “stick”.  How are they getting their hands on specifically violent porn anyways? I would assume the parents would put parental control on all family used computers, and if you have a teenage boy than to bad, he will probably find a way around it. You know, hormones and stuff. I mean common, if Iceland can’t get their individuals to stop their kids from typing in word “sex” into Google, how are they planning to block porn from entering the country?


You must know that Iceland has strict laws against printing pornography of any sort; these laws do not reach out to the Internet.  It still confuses me how kinds get their hands on to the amount where it influences them to become more violent…

In any case, Internet porn does have it’s issues. In the positive light, it does help certain individuals not to act out their sexual fantasies on people in real life, but escape into a different world of imagination (with some extra help from the internet) and act it out there. Masturbation has been medically proven to be healthy and help individuals make less rash mistakes (like stuck in a sense of passion and lust). 


On the other hand it does create some misconception. Pornography is supposed to be entertainment and maybe provide some educational value. Everyone remembers his or her first time being pretty awkward. As a hormonal teenager, your two main topics would always include sex and food, and you did not want to admit to being inexperienced in any of those. Even thought you admit to being a virgin, but you know what you are doing because of hours that you spent on porn sites. Not only does one think they became an expert in female or male physic but they are probably thinking that their penis will grow to such proportion.



Funny enough, it creates some major misconceptions about what sex is in reality.

–       No as a pizza boy you will not be invited inside for some fun times.

–       Imagine that, penis and vaginas come in different sizes. Somehow they look perfect over there, but trust me yours is just fine the way it is.

–       Please do not choke or slap your partner in random place unless you are into that kind of stuff.

–       No, not everyone screams like a crazy person when they climax.

–       Women, big penis does not equal good.

–       Etc.


These are just some of the most common mistakes that occur to people. Don’t forget that porn is emotionless and does not portray the strong feelings of love and passion that usually lead to sex. Pornography maybe great and satisfying for some but real sexual attraction is even better. In other words, watch what ever floats your boat, just don’t forget it’s not really a reality.

 We are the current generation where everything is available on the Internet, with a simple click of a mouse. What about the generations before us, when the Pornographic industry was just starting in simple Playboy magazines. Many people remember their first time was before they have discovered pornography, which allowed them a deeper understanding of the matter. One of my older friends told me how him and his wife first discussed it over time and once they were ready they did the deed, once the deed was done they were looking for other different possibilities of “having fun”. The thing is, porn also takes out the spontaneity and mystery out of lovemaking. Especially considering how many different and crazy types of pornography is floating out there.  Rule 34 of the Internet, if it exists there is a porn version of it.


That concept is simply scary since teens and young adults do not seem to understand the intimacy that the act actually includes. They may jump in it to early or maybe even for the wrong reasons. But this is also where parents should come in and maybe when the child is of the right age, create awareness of the difference between pornography and real love making, instead of suppressing it completely. Sex is healthy, sex is good, it only becomes dangerous when it is taught wrongly or taught as wrong/bad. So I guess the solution to our problems is not to outlaw pornography, but simply sit down with your teenager and have that extremely embarrassing talk.

What the F*** is the Harlem Shake?


The current fad is plaguing the Internet right now: The Harlem Shake. I will conduct a researched investigation figuring out the purpose of this fad. Maybe it’s to cure cancer; maybe to promote human rights, maybe it’s an elaborated plan by any governments to distract people from what is really going on. Stick with me; we are going on a journey to find the Harlem Shake.


Harlem Shake name actually comes from a dance move called “albee” in Harlem, 1981. It became more mainstream in 2001 when G.Dep featured it in his music video “Let’s Get it”.

This has nothing to do with the current Harlem Shake viral videos that are being passed around on the Internet right now. This trend was started by a vlogger called Filthy Frank, when he posted his first response with his friends from Queensland, Australia on February 2nd.

What happened next is that an enormous amount of people decided it would be an amazing idea to replicate the video style and use the same song. This resulted in 40,000 new videos with the same style and song by February 15th. This became so popular that the Norwegian Army, a retirement Home, the Staff from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the CNN crew, the Basketball Team Dallas Mavericks, soon to have our own Keyzer’s Leiden, and art last many more well known people news networks and people. Purpose? Still unknown.

Fads usually don’t last long enough, but I am curious to see how it will develop. Maybe in one week they will do the Harlem Shake to raise awareness for breast cancer or the animal abuse. In about 2 months we will probably look back and wonder: “ Remember the Harlem Shake? What was that about?” and about half a year it will not even be remembered.

The reality of it that this has no purpose what so ever. People that are participating in this fad simply are wasting their time while they could collect money for charity, save lives or cure cancer. It is easier not to think but to follow the herd into waste of time than to try to make a difference.


I know what you think, you are not a scientist, physicist, smart enough, don’t have resources, money or [insert excuse here]. But if a 15 year old with 0 knowledge of anatomy can find a better way to discover cancer on time by Googling from his own home, that means you can get of your ass too.

And what have you accomplished?

That Bloody Valentine


My best friend and I, are currently sharing a burden; its name is Valentine. You know that specific day that restaurants, stores, hotels and etc. make it twice as expensive because who wants cheap romance. That one specific day of the year that someone chose for you to show your affection.  Or make you drown your sorrows in cheap champagne because you have no one to show your affection to.


Let me tell you more about this wonderful day in the High Middle Ages, February 14th. Once upon a time there was this Saint under the name of Valentinus. He lived a wonderful life in the High Middle Ages trying to escape the Black Death or some other weird religious persecutions. Unfortunately he was imprisoned, for performing marriages on soldiers that were not allowed to marry. In our time he would be probably called an activist. In any case as he was imprisoned, he said to have healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend says that right before his execution he wrote to her “from your Valentine”.

This holiday was not always celebrated with tasteless candy and crappy Hallmark cards. It dates back all the way to the almost pre-Roman celebration of Lupercalia. A festival in February between the 13th and the 15th, a cleansing ritual for the sake of health and fertility. This was celebrated by having:“ many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy.” In case you don’t know what a shaggy thong is or really want to have a full image of this fiesta, it’s an old way of saying goat hide.


Well… Alright then. I am pretty sure that shaggy thongs were innuendos back then for their own “sticks”.

This makes the day seem a little less romantic. Somehow the death of this guy turned into the day of giant orgies and fertilities. Which later became a holiday of overpriced chocolates and flowers in exchange to get laid. November and October as a matter of fact have the second highest birth rate right after August and September (if you are slow, meaning someone got laid on Christmas).

Yet here I am, with my friend, buying jellybeans and pop rocks and looking at those heart shaped boxers and thinking maybe this holiday not so bad after all.



Breathing optional.


Are you feeling a little under the weather? Does your nose produce more fluids than usually? Does your throat feel like a cat has snuck into it and used it as a scratch pad? And does your cough sound like you are about to cough part of your lung? If you have any of these symptoms, than congratulations you have the common cold.

And it SUCKS.


How do you even get a cold? It just got warmer, snow has melted and annoying birds are singing at 5 am next to your window. What is the common cold? In fact a cold is considered a “viral infection that infects the upper respiratory system”. It is mainly caused by “coronaviruses” or “rhinoviruses”, but can be caused 500 strands of viruses that the body has not build up immunity to. Going out in the cold does not affect catching the cold or spreading it. Since we know a little bit of biology since our high school ages, Antibiotics cannot cure viruses, they cure bacterial infections. Meaning if you have a common cold and you are prescribed antibiotics, they will be pretty useless.


Most common symptoms include: sore throat, cough, slight fever, sneezing, hoarse voice, blocked nose and headaches. In rare cases a cold can also include a bacterial infection for example in the sinuses, in which antibiotics are implemented. Complications can go as far as acute bronchitis, pneumonia and acute bacterial sinusitis.

And even more good news.

How do you avoid catching a cold?

  1. Avoid contact with the infected. (In other words if you live in college dorms or have roommates, quarantine them)
  2. Eat loads of vitamin rich fruits for your immune system.
  3. Wash your hands regularly, it can be transmitted by touch. (No more shaking hands, guys!)
  4. Avoid touching your face.

In other words, not catching a cold is like avoiding a zombie attack in a post apocalyptic world. Is there a cure?


Apparently if you follow these steps than you should be able to cure a cold:

  1. Drink loads of fluids
  2. Get plenty of rest
  3. Take paracetamol for headaches
  4. Antibiotics are useless.

In other words, tough it out! Get some sleep and you should be fine right?


What if your cold is flu? The symptoms for the flu and the common cold are similar except when you have the flue you just feel worse. I remember when I lost my voice, had a high fever and couldn’t eat because of sore throat . Went to the doctor and he prescribed me paracetamol and tea. You got to be kidding me, sir.

Well, what about those that do not want/like to go to the doctors? We all tried to diagnose ourselves at some point of our lives. Probably spent extensive amount of time on our symptoms making them more and more specific and getting a result of a disease that was affecting some people in the middle ages. No, you probably do not have polio, smallpox or tuberculosis. You have a common cold.

But some people take it to seriously.

Let’s do a little experiment; let’s try to diagnose my sick mess.

Web MD should do the trick, it looks pretty high tech too. It’s pretty easy, you go to the Symptom Checker, pick a body part of that feels out of ordinary and pick a symptom and it gives you a conclusion right. Here we go:


You start by filling your age and gender.


Pick a body part that feels sick.


I picked nose and difficulty to breath for this experiment.


My result was foreign object in the nose….

Could be a zombie bug, but I don’t think so … Thanks anyways.

Obviously there are more symptoms if you scroll down and maybe if you redefine it better you will finally reach the common cold or polio. Some people decide to Google a minor thing like, pain in hand. Maybe cause you hit it against a door last night…. Maybe you have peripheral neuropathy…


In the end of the day, all i can do is drink some tea, take some paracetamol and go to sleep. Show up to class, infect some more people, like a zombie.


Smartphones killed my free time.


Lately I’ve noticed that my social circle looks like this:


Instead of actually spend time socializing and sharing knowledge, experience or even the stupidest gossip, my friends and I prefer to look at pictures of this: Image

Indeed, while I could be reading or taking extra classes I am spending my time on my phone or my laptop looking at pictures of cats or other interesting things to be that have no point towards my future or education.

Recently one of my friends mentioned how she couldn’t delete her Facebook because she would be completely disconnected. It seems that we have not realized how much this method of communication has integrated into out lives. My Facebook profile alone connects me to my University’s Events, my study groups, my extra curricular activities and my friends. I don’t think that my phone has rang in months, while I have at least one inbox every day on my Facebook account. Deactivating my account means that I would have to add at least an extra 20 numbers on my phone, organize study groups meetings and hope that anyone shows up, and that I would have to call the school to know any news about future events. It is absurd to think how much a simple website could turn my life and life of other individuals around.  In fact there are 845 million users that are presently Facebook active in 2012 and the number keeps rising. Even while Facebook is free, it was able to collect $1 bill. by 2011.Most of that money comes from advertisement that are conveniently placed around your Facebook newsfeed. One of their new and innovative ways to collect money is that by donating $100 you could write a letter to Mark Zuckenberg and he is guaranteed to read and respond to it personally. Who would spend money on that raises major questions in my head.

In the Netherlands alone, out of a population of app. 16 mil. around 7 mil are actively using a facebook profile and it keeps growing. Most usage is between the years of 18-34, yet there is no real age constraint on who can use it.

However what happens to those profiles when people that are using them become deceased? As a matter of fact 8000 people using a profile die every day. Facebook apparently has its own electronic graveyard. Time magazine mentions in 2009:” the company’s policy of “memorializing” profiles of users who have died, taking them out of the public search results, sealing them from any future log-in attempts and leaving the wall open for family and friends to pay their respects.”(Fletcher, Time Magazine) Or one could “memorialize” someone by joining an app for example Evelast. In other words this is like building an electronic gravestone for someone. Our electronic lives became so advanced that they not only skew our living reality, they give a whole different meaning to “life after death” .