How does that water taste?


Today’s new trend is what we call “living in harmony with the earth”, having the sun shine in your face, promoting animal rights on the weekend while typing on your typewriter and caressing your beard. That’s right, I might have called you a hipster, or maybe that’s how the rest of the world envisions a group of certain people that are promoting eco-friendly products. So here it is, the new-old trend of today, living “in balance” with nature and your body.

Before you decide to stuff yourself full of chia seeds and quinoa, let’s admit that you have a good point and a great cause. Personally, I am not a fan of this tree-hugging idea but I have to admit the direction that we are heading with the general public is not that great. Did you know that using recycled paper for one days worth of the New York Times Sunday Edition would save approximately 75,000 trees? Or that Americans dump 16 tons of sewage into their waters, every minute? Have you ever made aware that a single quart of motor oil dumped on the ground or in the trash, can contaminate up to two million gallons of fresh water? And as anyone that ever went to school knows that water in finite and that all living beings on this planet need it to survive. Here we aren’t even talking about developing countries, but those that we consider to rule the world. If we want to actually leave something behind that is not an uninhabitable piece of carbon, we should start doing something, and doing that now.

So let’s talk about what those that are still consumerist, non-tree hugging, human beings like me, can do every day. First of all there is an array of amazing products all of us can use and contribute to the sustainability of the environment around us. Has anyone ever heard of AQUAQUICK 2000? Of course you haven’t, because the advertising world is more interested in long established, not so corporate responsible, companies. AQUAQUICK 2000 is an environmentally and user-friendly water based product that is being used for a dispersant, degreaser, surfactant, and fire extinguisher. And it is suitable to biodegrade and remove all vegetable, animal, mineral, and synthetic fats, oils, and greases. Its primary function today is industrial cleaning such as bio pond treatment, road & land spills, aviation fuel spills, soil treatment & washing, soil washing, swamp spills, and many, many more. This means that if you are a restaurant owner, you should rethink that scary looking chemical crap you are using and than touching our burgers, but buy some AQUAQUICK 2000, so you don’t close down and can go back to sleeping on your giant pile of money with a great conscious.

It’s secondary function is available to an average consumer. Meaning this thing can clean your house and be used as a fire extinguisher, while having no negative effect on the environment what so ever. It is so user friendly, that it is even currently being used to help animals that were hurt by oil spills. As a matter of fact, the special nutrients in AQUAQUICK 2000 stimulate and accelerate the growth of micro-organisms that are capable of full biodegradation of oil spills in environmental situations.

Second of all, all that trash you are making goes right back into the ocean. There is already less than 1% drinkable water available to human kind, it does not help that the United States of America produce trash the size of the Empire State building every day. I am not saying you have to go on a crazy recycle spree where you reuse your toilet paper, I am just saying you should maybe spent 5 minutes thinking if you can reuse the item you are about to trash. Maybe you can wash it and use it again, or maybe you sell or gift it to someone else.

People keep saying cliché things such as: “if everyone would follow these instructions we could save the world”. Well no, I only described two out of the giants island of problems that are surfacing more and more every day. But if we simply direct our attention and maybe use something friendlier than bleach, we should be ok. So let’s just concentrate with being ok.


Death to all on this planet

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AQUAQUICK 2000 – It will conquer them all


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