What the F*** is the Harlem Shake?


The current fad is plaguing the Internet right now: The Harlem Shake. I will conduct a researched investigation figuring out the purpose of this fad. Maybe it’s to cure cancer; maybe to promote human rights, maybe it’s an elaborated plan by any governments to distract people from what is really going on. Stick with me; we are going on a journey to find the Harlem Shake.


Harlem Shake name actually comes from a dance move called “albee” in Harlem, 1981. It became more mainstream in 2001 when G.Dep featured it in his music video “Let’s Get it”.

This has nothing to do with the current Harlem Shake viral videos that are being passed around on the Internet right now. This trend was started by a vlogger called Filthy Frank, when he posted his first response with his friends from Queensland, Australia on February 2nd.

What happened next is that an enormous amount of people decided it would be an amazing idea to replicate the video style and use the same song. This resulted in 40,000 new videos with the same style and song by February 15th. This became so popular that the Norwegian Army, a retirement Home, the Staff from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the CNN crew, the Basketball Team Dallas Mavericks, soon to have our own Keyzer’s Leiden, and art last many more well known people news networks and people. Purpose? Still unknown.

Fads usually don’t last long enough, but I am curious to see how it will develop. Maybe in one week they will do the Harlem Shake to raise awareness for breast cancer or the animal abuse. In about 2 months we will probably look back and wonder: “ Remember the Harlem Shake? What was that about?” and about half a year it will not even be remembered.

The reality of it that this has no purpose what so ever. People that are participating in this fad simply are wasting their time while they could collect money for charity, save lives or cure cancer. It is easier not to think but to follow the herd into waste of time than to try to make a difference.


I know what you think, you are not a scientist, physicist, smart enough, don’t have resources, money or [insert excuse here]. But if a 15 year old with 0 knowledge of anatomy can find a better way to discover cancer on time by Googling from his own home, that means you can get of your ass too.

And what have you accomplished?


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